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Fantasy Flowers Workshop, Mandalas & Creativity

Creative Play Time We had creative play time from 10 am to 8 pm during the Fantasy Flower workshop recently. Four of us shared a sweet sacred time of bringing our own fantasy flowers into being. A week later more flowers, mandalas and creative marks were made during the 3+ hours of our monthly Mandala […]

In Each Moment Reimagining a Life Filled Future.

In each moment reimagining a life filled future.  For 2023 I have no resolutions of the usual kind. No long lists of things to do or be. Only a reimagining and imagining of a life-filled planet that I work for and walk into. Imagining through expanded open heart. Each moment a journey into that future. […]

Fantasy Flowers – Summer Mandalas & Art

Fantasy Flowers – Summer Mandalas & Art I took a break from Blog* Posting this last summer. Creativity continued during this time though with a Fantasy Flower Watercolor workshop and monthly Mandala Circles. This blog shares what was created. Fantasy Flowers – Discovering the Artist Inside My Watercolors the Inspired the Workshop Two things inspired […]

Prairie Art, Mandalas, Bouquets & Hospitality

Prairie Art, Mandalas, Bouquets & Hospitality   Christine & Gary’s Prairie with Paths for Walking Through The weather was warm, but what really warmed our hearts was the hospitality of Christine and Gary as we visited their home and ten acre prairie restoration an hour outside of St. Louis.  We were there to share an […]

Creativity Journeys – Introduction

Creativity Journeys – Introduction Creativity Journeys are just that, a journey into an inward exploration to the depths and womb of creativity and an outward expression that gives birth to the flow of creation. Each journey is offered as an online blog post that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.  Creative Journeys #1-5 cover getting […]

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