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A Month For Mandalas – Week 2 – Remember Truth

A Month For Mandalas – Week 2 – Remembering the Truth of Your Soul. We all have truths of who we are, who our authentic self is, what gifts we bring to the world are, what passions feed our souls. These truths are always inside of us, at our deep true core. In the quiet, in the flow of creativity these truths whisper to us. Remember them for they are always there.

Persimmon Pleasures – Part Two

A few months ago I discovered that I could save the native persimmons from my backyard for puddings and bread.  A few weeks ago I discovered another type of persimmon while walking my son’s and his fiance’s dog when I visited them in California.

Persimmon Pleasures

The old native persimmon tree (diospyros virginiana) in my back yard was large and full of thousands of one-inch diameter persimmons the first year we moved in twenty years ago. Every year since then the tree has faithfully shared its apricot flavored peach colored fruits, only to leave me bewildered about what to do with […]

Ginger Bear Cookies

Each holiday season I make these cookies from a recipe I created that was part of a greeting card illustrated by my friend Hawley Wright. 

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