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Fantasy Flowers

Creativity Bridge into Winter’s Light

Creativity Bridge into Winter’s Light Although it’s the New Year of 2024, last year’s creativity is one side of the bridge from dark night into the awakening of light. My Solstice Winter Flower – Seeds of Light We gathered in mid-December, a few days before the solstice. The energy of the womb of darkness when […]

Fantasy Flowers Workshop, Mandalas & Creativity

Creative Play Time We had creative play time from 10 am to 8 pm during the Fantasy Flower workshop recently. Four of us shared a sweet sacred time of bringing our own fantasy flowers into being. A week later more flowers, mandalas and creative marks were made during the 3+ hours of our monthly Mandala […]

Joy of Color & Creativity – At Home & Away

Joy of Color & Creativity – At Home & Away “Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment” – Claude Monet.  Color is a constant joy, sometime obsession and seldom torment in my life, but I know how Monet felt this way. Color is my joy and obsession both at home and when away. At […]

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