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Creativity Bridge into Winter’s Light

Creativity Bridge into Winter’s Light

Although it’s the New Year of 2024, last year’s creativity is one side of the bridge from dark night into the awakening of light.

My Solstice Winter Flower – Seeds of Light

We gathered in mid-December, a few days before the solstice. The energy of the womb of darkness when Mother Earth absorbs the night sky in the pause of dark before light, provided inspiration for the last Mandala & Creativity Circle of 2023.

Christine T. Mandala – Pause, Potential, Possibilities

The guided meditation was an inspiration for Pause, Potential and Possibility. The solstice is a time of pause, like the silence of between the in-breath and out-breath.

Linda M. Mandala – Orange Flower Heart Center in Blue Sky with Words of Wisdom

Linda M.’s  flower mandala spoke to possibilities and potential as the light of winter increases. She also created a shiny night sky with a center heart and seeds of possibility in the ground and sky.


Linda M. – Iridescent Sky With Darkness, Heart & Seeds of Potential and Possibilities

There were familiar ways of creating and exploration of new possibilities. Christine T.’s flower mandala is similar to one she created over ten years ago when she first took my mandala workshop.

Christine T – Mandala Flower with Seeds of Potential and Possibilities

Kathy F. created with iridescent colors of blue, green violet and copper.  The subtle colors shine and create calm.

Kathy F. – Leaves, Sky, & Sun

Kathy F. – Mandala of  Iridescent Night Sky, Full of Possibilities


Blue like the sky and sea. Yellow like the sun. Colors of hope. Potential of new beginnings. Nancy Y.’s mandala is the promise of peace.

Nancy Y. – Mandala of Peace

Yet in the turmoil of now, my protector bear feels like what I need. Bears are my protector animal. I love this shield like mandala.

My Protector Bear Mandala

I am exploring new directions in my art. I took an online “loose” watercolor class. At first I didn’t like what was done, but now days and weeks later, I’m happy with this painting.


My Loose Floral Winter Watercolor (new directions)

May your creativity of the New Year honor what has come before.

May new and old creative directions bring a deep soul joy. 

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