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A New Leaf & Becoming

A New Leaf Today is the first day of Spring 2021. So much has happened since last spring. Our world is changing, “turning over new leaves”. New leadership bringing welcomed changes, new healings with vaccines, new light as spring begins. But there is still much darkness with 2.8 million Covid deaths, new Covid strains, inequality, […]

Missing Making Mandalas

It’s been too long since I shared a blog post and have had time to make mandalas. I have missed making mandalas and sharing. Here are photos of mandala flowers, mandalas created by friends and the puppy.

Garden Planting & Mandalas

Today I finished planting my garden. It’s the last on the list of the many gardens I work in. Before digging in the dirt I took some mandala photos of the garden and flowers that touch my heart and share my time.

Hummingbird Sweetness

It was a charm* of hummingbirds that called to my son and me as we heard the hum of wings. Although the tulips and daffodils were lovely, the hedge full of humming wings most captured our attention and awe.

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