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Be Love, Do Love – Hearts for February

Be Love, Do Love The four words “Be Love, Do Love” are an inspiration to live by the entire year, not just February. Hearts in February are a reminder to always practice these four words. Due to the deep cold our Mandala & Creativity Circle in December was cancelled. Due to a case of covid […]

Creativity Bridge into Winter’s Light

Creativity Bridge into Winter’s Light Although it’s the New Year of 2024, last year’s creativity is one side of the bridge from dark night into the awakening of light. My Solstice Winter Flower – Seeds of Light We gathered in mid-December, a few days before the solstice. The energy of the womb of darkness when […]

A Time of Inner Light – Mandalas & More

A Time of Inner Light – Mandalas & More  A Different Time of A New Year The circle of time really has no ending or beginning, but the rhythm of light and dark brings a sense of beginnings and endings to each year. These beginnings and endings differ in various traditions. One tradition has the […]

Equinox Labyrinth & Creativity

Equinox Labyrinth & Creativity A new labyrinth within a woodland park was a magical setting for the Fall Equinox on Sept. 23rd. Field Trip The monthly Mandala & Creativity Circle, usually held in my home art space, went on a field trip to experience creativity and the centering energy of a labyrinth and nature. After […]

Joy of Color & Creativity – At Home & Away

Joy of Color & Creativity – At Home & Away “Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment” – Claude Monet.  Color is a constant joy, sometime obsession and seldom torment in my life, but I know how Monet felt this way. Color is my joy and obsession both at home and when away. At […]

The Beauty & Mystery of Creativity

The Beauty & Mystery of Creativity “Through…the Sacred Shroud… we can finally turn towards ourselves”   This beautiful quote about the creative process sang to me when I saw it.  It perfectly captures the experience each of us has when we gather for our Mandala & Creativity Circles. Mandala & Creativity Circles We gather, settle […]

A Rainbow of Flowers & Creativity for May

A Rainbow of Flowers & Creativity for May Our last Mandala & Creativity Circle was in April, but what came out of that night sings into May and its beauty. Flowers and the greening of earth were the central theme. This energy pierced our hearts. We felt Mother Earth bursting into spring beauty.  A rainbow […]

In Each Moment Reimagining a Life Filled Future.

In each moment reimagining a life filled future.  For 2023 I have no resolutions of the usual kind. No long lists of things to do or be. Only a reimagining and imagining of a life-filled planet that I work for and walk into. Imagining through expanded open heart. Each moment a journey into that future. […]

Fantasy Flowers – Summer Mandalas & Art

Fantasy Flowers – Summer Mandalas & Art I took a break from Blog* Posting this last summer. Creativity continued during this time though with a Fantasy Flower Watercolor workshop and monthly Mandala Circles. This blog shares what was created. Fantasy Flowers – Discovering the Artist Inside My Watercolors the Inspired the Workshop Two things inspired […]

Prairie Art, Mandalas, Bouquets & Hospitality (Repeat)

Prairie Art, Mandalas, Bouquets & Hospitality (This is a resend, unfortunately it was not sent to many subscribers last week. If you received it before, sorry for the duplicate) The weather was warm, but what really warmed our hearts was the hospitality of Christine and Gary as we visited their home and ten acre prairie […]

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