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The Winner of the Boston Marathon Weekend – Flowers

The Winners Were Flowers I visited family in Boston the weekend of the recent marathon. Of course the marathon was amazing, but the highlight of the weekend for me was the flower display of 20 feet long nasturtiums at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Art Museum.   Venetian Palace The building is modeled after palaces in […]

Artist of the Mysteries – Hilma af Klint

I had never been to the New York Guggenheim until last month when I saw the Hilma af Klint exhibit. Seeing her paintings, in some ways felt like a coming home. Born in 1862, Hilma was a spiritual seeker who devoted her life to expressing the mystical realms through painting.  Having discovered Theosophy in my early 20s and Anthroposophy years later, Hilma’s paintings resonated something familiar.

Mother Earth, Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Handicrafts – Crochet Coral Reef

I recently saw Crochet Coral Reef in Santa Cruz, California. It’s an art exhibit that honors women’s brilliance, handicrafts and love of Mother Earth. It is a unique collaboration weaving together math, science, handicraft, environmentalism and community art. It was the discovery that a women’s handicraft could explain and create a physical form for a complex mathematical theory that started the journey of this exhibit.

Creative Collage Genius – My friend Julie

There is collage art, and then their is genius collage art. My friend Julie Heller is an artist and graphic designer who is one of the most genius creative people I know. No one does collage like Julie. Right now, until March 18th, Julie has an exhibit of her art at the gallery of Third Degree Glass Factory in St. Louis

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