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Linda Wiggen Kraft
Creativity for the Soul

Love of Nature Photographs

Nature called to Linda in her childhood, in the gardens and nearby woods close to her family home and in the pastures and streams of her Grandparent’s dairy farm. Nature now calls in the gardens she creates or lands she visits. Her first SLR camera was her companion on a solo trip to England decades ago. Nature still calls her to look and listen closely to discover what nature has to share with its beauty and power.

These fine art photographs capture nature’s beauty and power in close up detail and wide angle vistas.  They are meant to bring beauty, awe and peace into  homes, offices, schools, spas, yoga studios, massage room and healing places.

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Fine Art Photographs – Signed by artist

All of these photos are available in 8×8 or similar rectangular sizes. Most are available in limited edition larger sizes, with some up to 30×30 inches for square images or similar dimensions for rectangular images.”

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