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Linda Wiggen Kraft
Creativity for the Soul


Spirit is the underlying unseen force that animates the world. It enlivens all of creation. Spirit and soul are words used to describe the inner center of a person’s core. That inner core is the ground of our highest self, our creativity, our magic and who we truly are.  We can tap into and strengthen our inner sacred center through meditation and enhance our surroundings by creating sacred spaces.


Meditation is an easily learned and easily practiced technique to quiet and center mind, body and spirit.  Linda teaches mantra meditation and guided meditations. She has been a meditator and meditation teacher for decades.

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Sacred Spaces

Sacred Space is not limited to places of worship or the majesty of nature. Gardens, homes, and workplaces can be sacred spaces. It is where we feel safe, secure, loved and nurtured. It is a place to truly be ourselves and live the life we were meant to live. Space Clearing, & Ceremony are wisdoms and practices that are used to create Sacred Space indoors and outside.

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Spirit & Beauty Everyday

True beauty contains the spirit of life. They both can be seen every day in everyday occurrences. These photos taken by Linda at home, at work and in travels capture the spirit of beauty.

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Classes, Workshops & Events

Linda’s work and teaching are meant to enhance body, mind and spirit. Her classes and workshops offer the experience of opening up to creative spirit and expressing that in art work or gardening.

Classes, Workshops & Events

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