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Saint Louis – Special Places

Equinox Labyrinth & Creativity

Equinox Labyrinth & Creativity A new labyrinth within a woodland park was a magical setting for the Fall Equinox on Sept. 23rd. Field Trip The monthly Mandala & Creativity Circle, usually held in my home art space, went on a field trip to experience creativity and the centering energy of a labyrinth and nature. After […]

Sacred Lotus Love – Mandalas

In years past I’ve received emails from the Missouri Botanical Gardens saying “the sacred lotus are blooming”. I haven’t seen the email yet this year. I hope it isn’t too late. Lotus is one of my favorite plants. Not only for its beauty, but for its spiritual meanings.

Pow Wow Mandalas

In April I attended the one day Pow Wow at Washington University in St. Louis. There were many mandalas there. This was the 25th annual Pow Wow organized by the Center for Native American Studies

A Trip to the Garden

If you live in St. Louis and you say you are “going to the garden”, it only means one thing. You are going to the Missouri Botanical Garden.

CityGarden – St. Louis

Its official name is Citygarden.  It is an urban oasis in downtown Saint Louis.  My husband and I went there on a Saturday night.  The temperature has been north of 100 degrees for too many days this summer.  This night was pleasant. The pleasant surprise was to see all the people there. What is Citygarden?  […]

This Week in the Garden – Ginormous Lantern Festival

Missouri Botanical Garden – Largest Chinese Lantern Festival ever in the United States.  These are not small lanterns, some are three stories tall. The 137 foot long entrance dragon welcomes visitors to the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Lantern Festival.  It is called Art by Day and Magic by Night. And it certainly is. I first saw […]

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