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A Garden for Lovers

“My love is like a red, red rose” Robert Burns   A red rose is the symbol of eternal love. We give red roses on February’s Valentine’s Day to honor the lover that cupid’s arrow have chosen for us. The red rose and cupid are not the symbols of St. Valentine. They are the symbols […]

Hands In Clay – Hands in Soil

There is a calling from soil that brings gardener’s hands into the dirt to grow a garden. There is a calling from clay that brings potter’s and clay artist’s hands into the dirt to transform it into objects that become part of daily life. I can’t resist both callings, so when my hands aren’t digging in garden soil, they are in the clay studio playing and creating with clay …

Slow Flowers – Winter Dreams

Today is a snow day for me. I often work in gardens in the winter with my helpers. Today it is too cold with a thin cover of snow. So I have the gift of unscheduled time, a day to be slow, in the moment and dream about blooming gardens that I’m missing

An Alice in Wonderland Garden

Last year I got the best compliment about my garden ever. A dog walker who came by daily told me my garden looked like an Alice in Wonderland garden. Although it is mainly organized chaos and a Midwestern version of English Cottage style, I like to think of it as a wonderland with its own quite tame adventures compared to Alice’s, but adventures none-the-less.

Persimmon Pleasures

The old native persimmon tree (diospyros virginiana) in my back yard was large and full of thousands of one-inch diameter persimmons the first year we moved in twenty years ago. Every year since then the tree has faithfully shared its apricot flavored peach colored fruits, only to leave me bewildered about what to do with […]

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