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A Time of Inner Light – Mandalas & More

A Time of Inner Light – Mandalas & More  A Different Time of A New Year The circle of time really has no ending or beginning, but the rhythm of light and dark brings a sense of beginnings and endings to each year. These beginnings and endings differ in various traditions. One tradition has the […]

Full House Creativity

Full House Creativity   Christine T – Fantasy Flower Mandala with Inks, Watercolors & Pen It was a full house in my art studio for the monthly Mandalas & Creativity Circle. There were eight of us. As always, the creativity that was expressed was unique, powerful and deep. All the art shown here was created […]

Fantasy Flowers Workshop, Mandalas & Creativity

Creative Play Time We had creative play time from 10 am to 8 pm during the Fantasy Flower workshop recently. Four of us shared a sweet sacred time of bringing our own fantasy flowers into being. A week later more flowers, mandalas and creative marks were made during the 3+ hours of our monthly Mandala […]

Spring, Sun, Seeds, Rebirth, Flowers

Spring, Sun, Seeds, Rebirth, Flowers Spring Rebirth by Linda M. A celebration of spring emerged from our creative imaginations and the play of paper, watercolors, ink and other art materials during our last Mandala & Creativity Circle.   Ann B’s emerging sun with colors of spring’s greening, blue sky and blue waters The marks we […]

Remembering Ukraine, Nature, Chi, Serenity & Flowers

Remembering Ukraine, Nature, Chi, Serenity & Flowers The cold dark night of our last mandala circle was filled with warmth and creativity. Remembering and diverse creativity emerged.  The sense of play and deep connection with inner creativity always fills our hearts and the space. We mainly play and explore with watercolors along with acrylic ink, […]

The Wonder of Mandala Workshops & Fall

WORKSHOP WONDERS It’s been  over two years since my last in-person Mandalas, Meditation & Journaling workshop. Fortunately a small group of us were able to gather in-person in late October in my home studio. We shared the day creating mandalas, journaling and listening to guided meditations. Mandala by me created during workshop I am both […]

Creativity Journey #5  – Becoming One With Nature & Creative Flow

Creativity Journey #5  – Becoming One With Nature & Creative Flow This creativity journey – Becoming One With Nature & Creative Flow – explores ways to awaken to our oneness with nature and creative flow through writing, mandalas and expressive drawing.     This Creativity Journey blog post (like the others)  is organized into five […]

Creativity Journey #4 – Harvest Moon Mandalas

Creativity Journey – Harvest Moon Mandalas This journey shares mandalas inspired by today’s full moon, the harvest moon.  It also shares mandalas that honor nature and our connections to the beauty and bounty of our Mother Earth. HARVEST MOON AND AUTUMN This time of the year is a time of beauty, abundance, celebration and gratitude. […]

Creativity Journey #3 – Dance Along the Edge – Contour Drawing

Creativity Journey #3 Dancing on the Edges  – Contour Drawing This Creativity Journey is about seeing and forming a new language that speaks of the connection between the seer and the seen. This language is spoken and read in the marks made on paper. This language is drawing. Drawing in a way that reveals the […]

Creativity Journey #1 – Creativity Containers

Creativity Journeys – Containers For Your Creative Flow Creativity Journeys are just that, a journey into an inward exploration to the depths and womb of creativity and an outward expression that gives birth to the flow of creation. (For an overview and introduction to all Creativity Journeys link here) Today, August 18th is a new […]

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