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Linda Wiggen Kraft
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Mandala Bowls – The Earth & Fire of Healing

I recently created a set of pottery bowls inspired by the beauty of a glaze called Malcolm Davis Shino. Clay and pottery transformed and healed the life of Malcolm Davis after a time of great political turmoil in which he was intimately involved

Hands In Clay – Hands in Soil

There is a calling from soil that brings gardener’s hands into the dirt to grow a garden. There is a calling from clay that brings potter’s and clay artist’s hands into the dirt to transform it into objects that become part of daily life. I can’t resist both callings, so when my hands aren’t digging in garden soil, they are in the clay studio playing and creating with clay …

Mandala of Light

As I write this , it is almost 24 hours before the winter Solstice at 5:03 pm in St. Louis. When the Solstice takes place the axis of the earth is tilted so the north pole is furthest from the sun. Daylight is shortest for the year on this day. The journey to more light begins after this moment.

Arts & Crafts Creativity – Small Business Saturday

Last summer I started making a dinnerware set for ten. I had made a few pieces of slab built rustic pottery decades ago. Little did I know I would be part of an Arts & Craft sale on Small Business Saturday, November 29th from 10 -4, 2814 Sutton Blvd Maplewood, MO 63143 at my friend Kelly’s Living Arts Studio in Maplewood, Missouri.

Mandalas Around the House

When I started looking, I found lots of mandalas around my house.  Many of them were ones I created decades ago, ceramic bowls and platters I did before my children were born.  I didn’t call them mandalas at the time.  When I create mandalas now I see the same images, like spirals, coming up when […]

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