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Linda Wiggen Kraft
Creativity for the Soul

Art for the Soul & Mandalas

Creativity isn’t only for artists. Creativity and art are the essence and flow of life. It is the birthright of everyone and resides in every cell of a person’s being. But sometimes people feel they are spectators on the shore watching the river of creativity flow by, when in reality they are part of the river. Linda shows others how to jump back into that river and create art that nurtures the soul.

Linda’s art and art classes work with the power of mandalas, meditation and journaling. Mandala means center, circle and essence. Mandalas are images created in a circle with a center point. They represent wholeness and centerness. They are used in many cultures and spiritual traditions to help the viewer experience the infinite and healing. Mandalas are also used as a tool for discovering the self.

Anyone can create mandalas, even those who mistakenly think they aren’t artistic. “Morning Mandalas & Meditation” is a tool that can be used daily, or whenever, for deep creativity and calm.

Linda’s work is about sharing her creativity and showing others how to connect with and nurture theirs. Enjoy these mandala creations by Linda and her students.

Mandalas by Linda

Linda began drawing and painting mandalas spontaneously about fifteen years ago when a strong desire to create more art wouldn’t go away. She spent weeks one winter creating mandala paintings that had the same effect as long meditation retreats she had experienced before. The positive effects were so strong she wanted to share this with others. She developed her workshop “Mandalas, Meditation and Journaling” which she has taught for almost fifteen years to hundreds. Here are some of her mandalas.

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Mandalas by Students

Linda has taught hundreds how to tap into their deep creativity by painting, drawing and making earth art mandalas. Children and adults have enjoyed the playful and deep sessions where permission is given to open to the creative spirit that lives inside. Here are a few of the many mandalas that students created in Linda’s workshops and Mandala Circle sessions.

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Mandalas Art Journaling & More

Art Journaling combines words with images. Mandala Art Journaling starts with creating a mandala and adding words to complete balance of right and left brain activity.  Linda’s mandalas with words were featured in a six page article in Art Journaling magazine. Here are those mandalas and others by Linda and students that integrate journaling words with images.

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