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Healing Gardens

Garden Guided Meditation – Real & Imagined

GARDEN GUIDED MEDITATION – Real & Imagined  September is my favorite garden month. The gardens are lush with flowers and foliage and mostly on their own. There is some weeding here and there, but it’s too late to plant for this growing season, too early for fall planting. It’s a month of rest. There is […]

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Best of Times, Worst of Times It is spring, the “best of times” and it is war the “worst of times”. The words of Charles Dickens ring so true right now. There is so much to say and not enough words to say it all. Today the sounds and sights of spring are filled with […]

Flower Freeze

Flower Freeze. Tonight winter comes back with 20 degrees F. Spring was here all winter and the flowers grew.

Creating Sacred Space In the Garden – Planting Prayers

Creating Sacred Space in Garden -Planting Prayers was the title of the class I taught at Kanuga near Asheville, North Carolina … Sometimes described as a “thin” place, this Episcopal Retreat Center is a space where deep connection and community promotes and nurtures the weaving of faith, art and creativity.

Bird Song Mandalas

I am getting ready to leave in a few weeks for North Carolina to teach my course “Creating Sacred Space in the Garden” at Kanuga, a spiritual retreat center outside of Asheville.

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