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Linda Wiggen Kraft

Linda Wiggen Kraft is an artist (mandalas, art journaling, photography, pottery), creativity teacher, garden designer & garden writer.

Her work centers around enhancing body, mind, heart and soul through art, gardens and creativity classes.

Her unique and easily learned ways of awakening and expressing deep creativity have inspired hundreds in her classes and workshops. Her workshops include Mandalas, Meditation & Journaling, Fantasy Flower Watercolors, A Sacred Circle of Creativity, Entering the Sacred through Images & Words and Creating a Garden for Your Soul.

Her love of nature, soil and earth is the inspiration for Linda’s garden design business, garden writing, photography and pottery making.

In her garden design business (Creveling Gardens), Linda designs gardens & landscapes for homes, businesses, schools, public spaces and places of worship. She writes a monthly gardening column for The Healthy Planet in St. Louis. Her garden work has been featured in Better Homes and Garden Publications, Organic Gardening, AT HOME St. Louis Magazine, St. Louis Home and Lifestyle and the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Linda’s Flower Mandala photo prints are permanently displayed in healing spaces of medical buildings and hospitals where evidence based design has demonstrated that images of nature help in the healing process. These photos are available for sale in small and large sizes.

Love of earth in the form of clay inspires the making of hand-built pottery and ceramic jewelry

Linda has been a featured speaker and workshop leader at Art & Soul Retreats in North Carolina, Missouri Botanical Garden, Winterthur Garden & Museum in Delaware, Logee’s Greenhouses in Connecticut, St. Louis Art Museum, International Parish Nurses Symposium, Art & Soul Café, and Wellness Community.

Her professional experience combines the creativity of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, the pragmatism of a Master of Business Administration degree and the calm centeredness of a Meditation Teacher.

Please contact Linda if you are interested in her work in the following areas:

  • Teaching Mandala, Creativity and other classes & workshops
  • Designing and Consulting for gardens and landscapes
  • Photography Fine Art Prints
  • Pottery & Ceramic Jewelry
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Creating Sacred Spaces

Linda can be contacted at:

Telephone: 314 504-4266

Photo of Linda Wiggen Kraft by Susan Jackson
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