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Linda Wiggen Kraft
Creativity for the Soul

Welcome to Creativity for the Soul where creating art, gardens and indoor spaces that enliven and enhance body, mind, heart and soul is my passion and play. I also teach art, journaling, and meditation workshops that awaken deep creativity, playfulness and meaning into people’s lives.

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Blog Flower Love

Fantasy Flowers – Summer Mandalas & Art

Fantasy Flowers – Summer Mandalas & Art I took a break from Blog* Posting this last summer. Creativity continued during this time though with a Fantasy Flower Watercolor workshop and monthly Mandala Circles. This blog shares what was created. Fantasy Flowers – Discovering the Artist Inside My Watercolors the Inspired the Workshop Two things inspired […]

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Blog Art

Prairie Art, Mandalas, Bouquets & Hospitality

Prairie Art, Mandalas, Bouquets & Hospitality   Christine & Gary’s Prairie with Paths for Walking Through The weather was warm, but what really warmed our hearts was the hospitality of Christine and Gary as we visited their home and ten acre prairie restoration an hour outside of St. Louis.  We were there to share an […]

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