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Linda Wiggen Kraft
Creativity for the Soul

Welcome to Creativity for the Soul where creating art, gardens and indoor spaces that enliven and enhance body, mind, heart and soul is my passion and play. I also teach art, journaling, and meditation workshops that awaken deep creativity, playfulness and meaning into people’s lives.

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Blog Flower Love

Flowers Emerge from Soil and Paintbrushes

Divine Greening of Spring The greening of earth is upon us as flowers emerge and spring arrives.  The word “Viriditas” was Hildegard Von Bingen’s word for the divine greening of life. Although not officially spring yet, daffodils, hellebores, crocus, snowdrops and more are brightening our landscapes and hearts.       Flowers blooming now, from […]

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Blog Guided Meditations

Remembering Ukraine, Nature, Chi, Serenity & Flowers

Remembering Ukraine, Nature, Chi, Serenity & Flowers The cold dark night of our last mandala circle was filled with warmth and creativity. Remembering and diverse creativity emerged.  The sense of play and deep connection with inner creativity always fills our hearts and the space. We mainly play and explore with watercolors along with acrylic ink, […]

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Blog Art Journaling

In Each Moment Reimagining a Life Filled Future.

In each moment reimagining a life filled future.  For 2023 I have no resolutions of the usual kind. No long lists of things to do or be. Only a reimagining and imagining of a life-filled planet that I work for and walk into. Imagining through expanded open heart. Each moment a journey into that future. […]

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