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Creativity Journey #3 – Dance Along the Edge – Contour Drawing

  • Date: Friday September 18, 2020

Creativity Journey #3 – Dance Along the Edge – Contour Drawing

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This Creativity Journey is about seeing and forming a new language that speaks of the connection between the seer and the seen. This language is spoken and read in the marks made on paper. This language is drawing. Drawing in a way that reveals the essence of an object with simple lines.

This way of drawing is called contour drawing. An imaginary outline is drawn in contour drawing. That line looks like the edge of something when in reality there often is no edge. What appears to be an edge is the line that is drawn. In contour drawing there are only lines, no shading. Most often there is one continuous line that exposes the essence of the object.

This Creativity Journey blog post (like the others)  is organized into five parts. Enjoy the Journey
* The why, or big picture of creativity, what is our deep longing to connect with our creativity.
* A guided meditation to relax into a mind, body and heart space opening to creativity flow.
* Prompts for Dancing on Paper, mark making with words and images.
* Examples and how-to of mark making through the prompts.
* Closing Poem or Prayer.

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