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Nature Journey – Forest Bathing (October) – CANCELLED

  • Date: Sunday October 11, 2020
  • Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Meditation, Play and Creativity in Nature – CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

Saturday May 2, 2020
Time: 1-4 pm
Location: Forest Park, Saint Louis

Nature Journeys – Forest Bathing*. Open body, mind and soul to the beauty, wonder, connection and healing power of nature through the experience of Forest Bathing. *

Linda will guide a small group of people through the nearby forests, meadows, savanna, and open green spaces of the 1300 acres of Forest Park in St. Louis.

Each 3-4 hour nature journey includes meditation, play and creativity exercises. Guided meditations to connect with the life of the land and quiet mindfulness time in a sit spot are two of the activities in each journey. A tea ceremony opens the journey and a tea ceremony closes it at the end.

Dress for the weather and spending time in the woods and open spaces of the park. The class may need to be changed to another date and/or cancelled due to weather. Class size is limited. Please contact Linda for registration form.

COST: $35 for workshop and materials.

*Forest Bathing is the English translation of the Japanese term “Shinrin-Yoku”. Forest bathing is mindful, easy, slow walking and sitting in a forest in silence and quiet. People “bathe” in the sights, smells and surroundings. The positive effects of relaxation and body healing have been scientifically studied and verified. In Japan there are over 40 certified Shinrin-Yoku forests.


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