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Creativity Journey #4 – Harvest Moon Mandalas

  • Date: Thursday October 1, 2020

Creativity Journey #4 – Harvest Moon Mandalas

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This journey shares mandalas inspired by today’s full moon, the harvest moon. It also shares mandalas that honor nature and our connections to the beauty and bounty of our Mother Earth.

This time of the year is a time of beauty, abundance, celebration and gratitude. The harvest is here, fall fruits are ripe, the leaves have turned to heavenly colors. The bright lights of nature are transformed from the green of summer to the infinite variety of yellows and reds in pumpkins, apples, squash, persimmons, leaves and all manner of food and foliage

This Creativity Journey blog post (like the others)  is organized into five parts.
* The why, or big picture of creativity, what is our deep longing to connect with our creativity.
* A guided meditation to relax into a mind, body and heart space opening to creativity flow.
* Prompts for Dancing on Paper, mark making with words and images.
* Examples and how-to of mark making through the prompts.
* Closing Poem, Prayer or Inspiring Words.

(All Creativity Journey blog post lessons are found by clicking”#CreativityJourneys” in the categories section shown on the right side column of blog posts)

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