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Creativity Journeys # 1 – Creativity Containers

  • Date: Tuesday August 18, 2020

Creativity Journeys #1 – Creativity Containers
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This blog post that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This is the first Creativity Journey, first online on August 18th, on the day of the new moon.

This  Creativity Journey, like all of them is both an inward exploration to the depths and womb of creativity and an outward expression that gives birth to the flow of creation.

This Creativity Journey blog post  includes:

* The why, or big picture of creativity, with a quote by Creation Spirituality founder and theologian Matthew Fox.

* A guided meditation to relax into a mind, body and heart space opening to creativity flow.

* Prompts for “Dancing on Paper”, word like promise, permission, process and more.

* Examples and how-to of Creativity Containers, that are homes and sacred spaces to hold the papers of our creative expressions.

* Closing Poem  by David Whyte.


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