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In Each Moment Reimagining a Life Filled Future.

In each moment reimagining a life filled future. 

For 2023 I have no resolutions of the usual kind.

No long lists of things to do or be.

Only a reimagining and imagining of a life-filled planet that I work for and walk into.

Imagining through expanded open heart.

Each moment a journey into that future.

Spiral Mandalas are Symbols of Life’s Journey (my mandala from 2015)

The journey of past, present and future is like a spiral. Not a straight line, but an expanding circle. Past moments are stepping stones leading and guiding into the future with the pause of wisdom only in the present.

The stepping stones of past shared creativity inspire and guide me into this new year.

Sharing Creativity

The mandalas, art and beauty of  shared creativity support and guide me into 2023. These art pieces are from October, November and December mandala circles where mandalas and other creative images came to life.

October’s Creativity

Christine’s Mandala Inspired by October’s Tree Leaf Colors

As Linda M. drove by my neighbor’s sumac bushes, they looked as if on fire with the setting sun igniting the yellow and orange leaves.

Linda M’s Sumac Leaves

The guided meditation was about the energy of fall winds, falling colors and sky’s vibrancy Linda’s mandala celebrated that.

Linda M’s Energetic Fall Colors Art

For the October Mandala Circle, Chef Sharon brought delicious molasses cookies she had baked and adorned with the yellow leaves of Solomon’s Seal and other fall beauty. The cookies were delicious.

Chef Sharon’s Molasses Cookies & Fall Foliage and Flowers

Sharon also created and shared her Joy mandalas.

Chef Sharon’s Joy Mandala – With Bubbles


Chef Sharon’s Joy Mandala with Words in Vellum over Art

Christine’s love of trees and leaves shone through in her October mandalas.

Christine’s Leaf Mandala -Red & Yellow


Christine’s Leaf Mandala – Red, Yellow, Orange, Green with Blue Sky

I was inspired by the beautiful colors and light of fall. I created these leaf mandalas in October. Inspired by the guided meditation with a theme of letting go, I added words about that.

My Leaves & Letting Go Mandala

Inspired by the increasing darkness of days and the womb energy of mother earth during this time, I created this mandala.

My Mandala, Honoring the Darkness of Fall into Winter

November’s Creativity

Ginko leaves were the inspiration for Linda M’s November mandala. Their golden light brightens our hearts.

Linda M’s Ginko Mandala

The colors of the 4 directions along with sky, stars, moon and fall leaves were the inspiration for Linda M’s other November mandala.

Linda M’s 4  Directions, Sky, Stars, Leaves & Moon Mandala

Ann B’s always sweet meditative mandalas were a joy to see when we shared. Of course all mandalas and art work are always a joy to see when sharing at the end of Mandala Circles.

Ann B’s Tranquil Blues & Greens Mandala

Ann’s deep greens and blues are not often seen. This is a perfect meditation on the increasing darkness and womb-like essence of it.

Ann B’s Greens & Blues & Yellow Mandala, Honoring Dark Days of Fall

Karen M’s art showed stamped butterflies, goldfish, strawberries, leaves, feathers, star fish and more around a large center flower with embroidery thread outline.  It looks like a lovely quilt.

Karen M’s large stamped Quilt-like Art

It’s always fun to try out new art materials. This tree’s flowers and leaves were made with watercolor crystals that leave lovely marks.

Christine’s Tree Mandala with Watercolor Crystals

December’s Creativity

A large watercolor mandala was started in November by Christine. It was an experiment with letting watercolor flow in its own way. The large purple outer circle formed waves as the colors flowed. In December this mandala was finished with a center flower with petals inspired by the purple flows. The piece is 18×24 inches.


Christine’s Purple Flow Mandala

Working with the flow of watercolors and fantasy flowers, Christine created a watercolor with center “eyes”, looking perhaps into the future.


Christine’s Fantasy Flower with “Eyes”

2023 Wishes

Let 2023 be a time of reimagining a beautiful future for our planet, and walking into that future each day.

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