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Shared Creativity – Nature Inspired, Secrets, Big & Small

Shared Creativity – Nature Inspired, Secrets, Big & Small


During our Mandala & Creativity Circles everyone spontaneously creates whatever flows through heart, mind and hands. The joyous flow state emerges as each person is absorbed in their creating, unaware of what others are bringing to life.

My leaf painting inspired by fall colors and loose painting


It is only at the end when we share what was created. Then we see the work of others. Although each piece shared is unique, often an inspiration unifies the art.


My leaf painting inspired by warm fall colors and white dots


Nature was the main inspiration that October night. The bright leaf colors were falling to earth while some hung on trees. Daylight was decreasing as blue sky turns to darkness more quickly. These changes are seen outside but also felt within, and expressed in art.

.Kathy F -Leaf Mandala with Center Spiral

Leaves and trees inspired Kathy’s art. Her tree symbolizes the beauty of a tree with both leaves on the tree and others letting go. An inspiration for us to let go. The roots below show the unseen connections of all.

Kathy F –  Mandala, Tree of Letting Go & Connection

Kathy F – Two Leaf Mandalas


Nüshu is the almost forgotten secret women’s written and spoken language of a rural area in China. Developed 400 years ago and almost lost a few decades ago, women created a way to communicate amongst themselves at a time when they were forbidden to learn to read and write. A documentary  titled Hidden Letters tell the story of this language past and present. It can be watched on Amazon Prime and PBS passport. Here is a link for more info.

The symbols in gold on Ann’s art were inspired by the Nüshu language.

Ann B – Nüshu Mandalas, Inspired symbols


Black paper let Ann show sky’s light and darkness as we settle into the quiet and mystery of less daylight.

Ann B – Sky in Light & Dark

The calm colors of blue and green look like earth and sky with golden stars.

Ann B – Golden Stars in Sky & Earth Mandala

Ann’s calm colors of blue and green are meditations in their simplicity.

Ann B – Blue/Green Meditation Mandala


What isn’t seen online is the size of each art piece. Some are big and some small. Big being about 11 x11 inches as seen in Christine’s and Linda’s mandalas. Small is a book, 2 x 2.5 inches, fitting in the palm of your hand .

Christine T’s mandala show the colors of fall tress from above. The leaves are falling to the ground into the center. The blue sky caresses the tree tops. This piece was one of the larger ones created.

Christine T – Letting Go Trees Mandala

Linda M’s mandala is an honoring of fall’s colorful leaves. The multitude of orange and yellow leaves are surrounded by blue sky with heart felt words written in the blue.

Linda M – Fall Leaves & Blue Sky Mandala

I created a small origami book that can be held in the palm of a hand.


My Origami Book of Treasures

I had created some grids of small leaves, flowers and abstract images.

When we shared our creations at the end,  a suggestion was made to cut the small squares apart and put into a folded origami book form. I took up the suggestion and used an already created watercolored paper and folded it into an origami book with most of the 32 pages showing.

I cut the grid pieces apart, added some words and images from old books, a small tarot card image and other images of my art and photos. Then these pieces were pasted them into the palm sized book.


My Origami Book of Treasures – Front Side


My Origami Book of Treasures – Back Side


My Origami Book of  Treasures – standing

Enjoy this shared creativity. Enjoy this time of gathering darkness, a time of going within and nurturing creativity.

Enjoy & Create

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