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100 Days for Mandalas – The Gifts of Our Soul -Session 5 – Week 11

“The authentic self is the soul made visible”

                         Sarah Ban Breathnach

I feel authentic when there is connection with nature. It is a way for me to know the Creator. I feel myself and my truths when surrounded by the beauty and power of life that lives and grows on the land and the land itself.  I felt this in childhood and feel it now.





Christine, one of the mandala makers who often shares her creativity here, once asked about experiences that brought me closest to feeling myself.  I told her the story of the times I walked in the early morning with the sun just coming up into the woods where the cows were grazing on my grandparent’s dairy farm. I was maybe 10 years old. I called to the cows and they all followed me slowly on the path through the woods to the barn. I was at home in my soul with the smallest growing moss on the stream banks where I created fairy homes in jars,  to the large open sky in the hay fields.




I lived in the city but spent time during the summer on the farm.  I now am an urban farmer of sorts with gardens at my own home and the homes of others. I need my hands and feet to be in the dirt.  I need the life that grows on the land to nourish my body and soul.




One way I feel that connection is by looking and seeing nature, flowers, trees,  sky,  earth, all of it. Photography helps me see.  I now have a new way of looking with a smartphone, tablet camera app that lets me create mandalas with the camera.




It’s so much fun to bring my love of mandalas, and my love of nature together with something I just press a button to create.  These flowers and plants are now blooming in my garden and a neighborhood garden nearby.  I’m happiest when I can be surrounded by this beauty and can share it with others.





“Why fit in when you were born to stand out”
Dr. Seuss

For me its standing out in the garden.


THEME FOR SESSION FIVE – This is the second of three weeks with the theme “VULNERABLE” & “COURAGEOUS”

VULNERABLE & COURAGEOUS– These go hand in hand. To know our heart, to open it and share its truth requires courage.  How do you stand out in this world with your authentic self.

QUOTES – Please read these words in bold dark red type by Sarah Ban Breathnach  and Dr. Seuss and let them be an inspiration.

MEDITATION – The guided meditation centers and quiets. Enter into the sacred space of the mandala circle to let the colors, shapes and whatever you put into the mandala guide you. The marks you make are perfect, whatever they are. They help reveal your authentic being.


WRITING PROMPT – An easy poem to create in an acrostic poem.  Take a word, any word or words from the quote, and write the letters one on top of each other, down a page. This week I used the word “SELF”  from the quote and wrote a poem/prayer.

S eek truth
E verywhere
L ife is too short
F eel your perfection.

Please share the mandalas and art journaling you create by sending an email with attachments of your art. Please use a high resolution – which can be a smart phone camera – with enough surroundings in the photo.  I can easily crop the image.  Please send to linda (at)  Please use the @ sign and no spaces.

MORE KALEIDOSCOPE MANDALAS. I now have a Pinterest Board with these garden kaleidoscope mandalas and more.


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