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Flowers Emerge from Soil and Paintbrushes

Divine Greening of Spring

The greening of earth is upon us as flowers emerge and spring arrives.  The word “Viriditas” was Hildegard Von Bingen’s word for the divine greening of life. Although not officially spring yet, daffodils, hellebores, crocus, snowdrops and more are brightening our landscapes and hearts.




Flowers blooming now, from my garden

Spark of Creativity – Playing with Colors and Shapes

Fantasy Flowers have also emerged from the spark of creativity found during shared mandala circle time and play time with new art materials and inspirations.

Christine created one painting that is a collection of fantasy flowers, mandala shapes and more. She played with new watercolors from a Canadian company that has unique paints. The colors spread and separate into their unique parts. The names of the colors are delicious.


My painting is a mandala with spiral center and rays of energy spreading beyond the circle. The center spiral with its blue and red is one color that separated into multiple hues.


Elf Wings, Tree Sprite, Angel Eyes, Blue Enchantress

These are a few of the names of the new watercolors. They enchant and leave colors as if brushed on the page by fairy magic.  The mineral watercolors look as if they are a solid color, like the green one named “fall story”. It looks green in the tube and when first spread on paper. It then separates into gold and green hues. All the colors reveal multiple colors with each brush stroke. The colors separate and blend changing a bit as the paint dries and the colors are revealed.


Origami Art Books

A fun way to try out similar, but different, images as a collection is to create an origami book. Simply fold the paper in a few directions, make a tear and create a book. Here are a few I recently made.









Surrounded by Gold

Gold reflects light and is a great background for flowers. Here are a few recent fantasy flowers I created while playing with watercolors.



Enjoy & Create

Enjoy the divine greening of earth as spring emerges and flowers bloom.

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