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100 Days for Mandalas – The Gifts of Our Soul -Session 5 – Week 7

Can you remember  who you were



before the world

told you who you should be.

     Danielle LaPorte


– The  theme during the next three  weeks is “AUTHENTIC”.

AUTHENTIC –what feels right and authentic from the depths of your true self?

POEMS & QUOTES – Please read these words in bold type by Danielle LaPorte and let them be an inspiration.

MEDITATION – The guided meditation centers and quiets.  Enter into the sacred space of the mandala circle to let the colors, shapes and whatever you put into the mandala guide you. The marks you make are perfect, whatever they are. They help reveal your authentic being.




The word “authentic” and the quote “can you remember….” brought to mind my childhood.  From childhood on there has been a deep remembering that is there always.  A soul whisper.   Childhood dresses that my mother sewed for me are some of my greatest treasures.  I have a few hanging on a wall, always a reminder of love from the hands and heart of my mother who embraced all I ever wanted and did.  I felt authentic with her always.


WRITING PROMPT – An easy poem to create in an acrostic poem.  Take a word, any word or words from the quote, and write the letters one on top of each other, down a page. This week I used the word “BEFORE”  from the quote and wrote a poem/prayer  on vellum paper over the mandala:



B eing myself

E verywhere & always

F ear no more the

O pinions and judgments.

R eminder to myself

E njoy your truths

Let the quote, poem, meditation and mandala examples be an inspiration to your authentic self.

Here is a photo of my childhood dress.





mandala-caroline-a-mandala-circle-sharing-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogCaroline created this mandala with an acrostic poem during a Monthly Mandala Circle at my art studio.



Christine created  this mandala inspired by the sun and blue sky during a long winter.


Next week, more of Sofia’s mandalas from Portugal

Enjoy and Create.

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