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Yellow Willow Spring

My dog and I go for walks in a nearby park. There are tens of thousands of trees in Forest Park, but there is only one that is my favorite.  It calls to me from across the water as we cross the bridge to get nearer.  I imagine the essence of a golden goddess with Rapunzel like hair who is the Deva of this tree. In spring this weeping willow glows with yellow golden light. The wind sings as it flows through branches full of yellow pollen filled flowers called catkins. To visit this tree in late afternoon  with warm light setting it on yellow fire tells me spring has truly arrived.

To sit underneath this tree is a blessing.  The embrace of the branches creates a sacred space for gathering the power of willow.

Willow is associated with water, the moon and all that is feminine. It’s enhances the energy of dreaming, intuition and deep emotions.

There is a special power to willow in early spring, when the earth’s energy and willow energy are aligned.  Willow puts us in touch with our feelings and allows us to let our hair down and be our true selves.

Willow soothes bodies and souls.  Salix is the botanical name for all willows. Willow bark of salix alba has been used for relieving pain for thousands of  years. It contains salicin which is closely related to aspirin, the synthetic drug that has replaced willow bark as a healer. The soothing of souls comes from sitting under willow with its weeping branches like a blanket that covers and absorbs the sorrows of life.

The golden flowers and tiny emerging leaves give their golden yellow willow energy to all who sit under this magical tree as it heralds the arrival of spring.

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