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Touching Infinity in A Garden For The Soul

Quote by George Washington Carver about touching infinity inscribed into garden pergola designed by Linda Wiggen Kraft
“When I touch a flower… I am touching infinity” George Washington Carver

“When I touch a flower… I am touching infinity”, is the quote inscribed into my wooden garden pergola.  George Washington Carver felt and knew that when he worked with flowers, he experienced the infinite.  When answering, “How do I talk to a little flower”, he responded: “Through it I talk to the infinite. And what is the infinite?  It is that silent, small force. It isn’t the outer physical contact. No, it isn’t that. It is that still small voice that calls up the fairies. When you look into the heart of a rose there you experience it.  But you can’t explain it.”

Flower Mandala Photograph of Rose Livin Easy by Photographer artist Linda Wiggen Kraft
Infinity can be seen in the mandala shape of the center of a rose

My pergola sits surrounded by gardens.  It is a garden for the soul. Here I, and all who visit my garden, can look into the faces of flowers and see infinity in their mandala flower shapes.  After all mandalas are tools to help us experience the infinite with their round shape and center focus.  Most people find a sense of coming to their center when viewing a mandala.

Pergola inscribed with George Washington Carver quote When I touch a Flower I am touching infinity, in garden of designer Linda Wiggen Kraft
Pergola in designer Linda Wiggen Kraft’s St. Louis garden

Perhaps that is why gardens are sanctuaries for the soul, where the flowers guide us back home to our center.   Some of the most beautiful mandalas are found in those silent places at the center of flowers.  Even in 100 degree weather, I found a few minutes to sit in the shade of the pergola.  It cools my soul to be surrounded by the beauty.



Black eyed Susan flowers from Garden For the Soul of garden designer Linda Wiggen Kraft St. Louis
Black Eyed Susan flowers, Rudbeckia subtomentosa, show infinity in their mandala shapes

One of my favorite flowers grows next the pergola.  It is rudbeckia subtomentosa, a type of Black-Eyed Susan.  Pick a stem, put it in a vase and you have an instant bouquet.   I’m sure the fairies are still dancing on these flowers even after being brought inside.  The mandala shape with the black button center and radiating yellow petals call me to my center.  My wish for all humankind is that when we spend time with gardens, flowers and nature, that we all touch infinity.  And that infinity touches us back.

This is my first blog.  Please join me in this journey where we can share a love and passion for gardens, art, mandalas, meditation and mystery.  I look forward to sharing the beauty and power of the passions, loves and joys of others in creating a meaningful and joyous world.

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