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The Wonder of Mandala Workshops & Fall


It’s been  over two years since my last in-person Mandalas, Meditation & Journaling workshop. Fortunately a small group of us were able to gather in-person in late October in my home studio. We shared the day creating mandalas, journaling and listening to guided meditations.

Mandala by me created during workshop

I am both teacher and participant in these sessions. My soul is as filled, as hopefully the others are, with a shared experience of deep creativity. All of us gathered share the passion of creativity that goes to a depth we all yearn for.  For this reason, and many more, these shared hours are times of wonder.


Mandala by Angie created during workshop


I start the workshop with one of my favorite quotes by theologian Matthew Fox from his book Creativity, Where the Divine and the Human Met : “There is a river of creativity running through all things, all relationships, all beings, all corners and centers of the universe. We are here to join it, to get wet, to jump in, to ride these rapids, wild and sacred as they be.”


Matthew Fox book Creativity

I revised some activities of the workshop to allow a sense of easy play begin our mark making.  One of the most minimalist ways of creating a mandala is with the Zen practice of one brush stroke to form a circle. This meditative practice is called Ensō.


Ensō created by Terayama Tanchū. The calligraphy says “Each thing is perfect”

Inspiration for our first activity is Ensō along with the understanding that as children our play with art is loose and free. But as we grow our looseness transforms to tight and tiny.  Creating simple circles on large paper loosens up and frees both body and mind in order to be in a creative flow.


Loose Mandala painting created by me during workshop

Loose play of watercolor and large paper is also inspired by Picasso’s quote: “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child”.


Loose Mandala painting created by me during workshop


After this playful openness, more traditional mandala paintings were created. Here are a couple more from the workshop.

Mandala by Barb created during workshop


Mandala by Richarda created during workshop



The colors of fall exploded this week into a magical light that carpets the ground and reaches into the sky. Taking walks within this light delights all the senses. One way I enjoy the colors and shapes of fall trees and leaves is to create Kaleidoscope mandala like images through an IPhone app called Kaleidagram.

Kaleidagram of Fall Leaf Color

I recently heard a podcast that explained the word Kaleidoscope comes from ancient Greek words kalos, eidos and scopeō which roughly translates to “observation of beautiful forms”. The app called Kaleidagram  creates these kinds of pictures from already taken photos or ones in view on the camera.


Kaleidagram of Fall Leaf Color


Kaleidagram of Fall Leaf Color

I doubly enjoy these mandala images because my son created this free IPhone app.  It fun to use to observe beautiful forms, and to keep these images in photo form.


Kaleidagram of Fall Leaf Color


May you be surrounded by the beauty and light of fall and all creation.

Stay safe, enjoy & create.


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