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The Women’s Vote for Athena – Goddess of Wisdom

Today on the eve of election day, I have a mandala and story to share. The story is about the election of the Greek goddess Athena as the protector and ruler of Athens.  According to some there was a contest between Athena and Poseidon to rule Athens. Each brought a gift to the city.  Poseidon’s gift was salt water.  Athena’s was the olive tree. Men and women voted for the winner. Because there were more women, who all voted for Athena, she won.


Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, arts, crafts, compassion in battle, strategy, and other skills needed in a leader.  She is also known to have full knowledge of the situation.  This full knowledge is symbolized by the owl who sat on her right shoulder and gave her the vision to see beyond her blind side. A friend gave me this stone, which looks like an owl mask and has a blind eye.  I see this stone as Athena’s owl and her blind side.  I love how the “blind” side is actually crystal, symbolizing clarity that goes beyond mere sight, seeing with heart and intuition.



I created a mandala by painting this rock and writing about the power of Athena and her owl, reminding myself of the energy of full vision and wisdom, asking for that energy to guide me and others. And most of all, reminding myself to see beyond my blind side, to also see with heart and intuition.


May Athena’s  energy be part of all voter choices on election day.  May Athena guide us all to see beyond our blind sides, our small heartedness, and our fears  to choose leaders who will take us to a place where full vision and wisdom lead us forward.  And don’t forget Athena’s other gift, the olive tree and its branches.  We need the peace of this gift from Athena, now.




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