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The Power of Light – Dragonflies & Summer Solstice

The Power of Light – Dragonflies & Summer Solstice

Dragonflies were playful and plentiful during a nature hike that Christine T. had before our evening mandala circle in late May. These beings of iridescent wings symbolize and embody the power of light. Christine’s encounters with them inspired her mandala.

Christine’s mandala made with iridescent watercolor inks. Look for the hidden heart.
This mandala celebrates the community of insects, plants and humans.

Ted Andrew’s book Animal Speak gave clarity to the magic of dragonflies and damselflies. He states, “Dragonflies – the power of light…their realm is the realm of light…for most the colors are formed in almost the same way rainbows are formed…this ability to reflect and refract light and color has caused it to be associated with many forms of magic and mysticism.”

Linda M. was also inspired by dragonflies and created her mandala around that inspiration.

Linda’s iridescent dragonfly mandala, with wise words, hearts and gold flakes

The dragonflies were a prelude to the sun’s power of light which is greatest at the summer solstice. This year in the northern hemisphere solstice is on June 21st.  Thoughts of Ukraine inspired Ann B’s mandalas. Her sun like mandala celebrates the colors of the Ukrainian flag; colors of light, sunflowers and blue sky.


Ann’s mandala inspired by the colors of the Ukrainian flag

Ann created this bright sun like mandala with a deeper yellow and blue.



A combination of blue and yellow create green. Ann’s combination created green, the color of greening of earth and our heart chakra.

Shanti is the sanskrit work for peace.

Ann’s mandala with the mantra – Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
In Buddhist and Hindu traditions chanting shanti three times represents peace in body, speech, and mind.

I looked into stacks of mandalas I made through the years to find inspiration for the upcoming summer solstice on June 21st. This day of most light illuminates and makes our world possible. Solstice is always a reminder of our light inside and how it can inspire us into action. The sun’s light ignites our passions and gives birth to actions that brings change and more light into the world.


Mandala – May the power of our Healing Hands bring more light to the world


Mandala – May the light of Father Sun shine to Mother Earth bringing life and light into being


Mandala – May Your Passions and Actions take flight in this time of illumination


A Blog Break

Most likely my next blog post will be in September. I’m spending happy summer time with family and brand-new babies. There may be a surprise blog with some creativity and beauty to share before September, but one never knows.

Have an amazing summer filled with creativity and light.

PS – A mandala workshop Saturday Oct 22, more info here.
Monthly mandala circles will still be held in July and August. More info in newsletter.



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