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The Merry Month of May – Rewriting My Story


(Cover – Merry Month of May Book – Rewriting My Story)

Last year  I took an art workshop with Edi Klinger of Santa Fe.  The workshop was about making origami books. The first one we did was a simple fold. What I created went way beyond simple, it was profound in that it rewrote my story of spring time stress.  I’ve designed, planted and maintained gardens for twenty three years. I love what I do, BUT spring time is very stressfull because most of the yearly work has to be done in May.  So here is my rewritten story.  It has changed my life.  The outcome is at the end of this blog.

merry-month-of-may-story-book-pages1-2-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogThis is what I wrote:

“For twenty-two years, my Mays have not been merry.  TOO MUCH. I am rewriting my story.  I create Gardens of Beauty that bring joy, connection, healing, nourishment for body and soul.  I love my work BUT most everything has to be done in May.

The story I have been telling for decades  is that I feel like I am standing on the train tracks. I heard the rumble, I am frozen and can’t move. The train comes closer and I can’t move. I am hit. I pick up my bruised body. I need time to heal.


My New Story. Spring is Joy. I am part of the Dance. I fly with Joy.

merry-month-of-may-story-book-pages-5-6-blog-creativity-for-the-soul copy

Spring – a carnival joy ride.  Flying, fear & joy. Breathe. Happy Chaos. Join the Dance. Flowers sing to my heart.

Fan Mail – the best before it is, and is now


In busyness there is always a quiet center. I fly above the earth.”

merry-month-of-may-story-book-back-cover-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blog(The End – Back Cover)

merry-month-of-may-story-book-open-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blog(The origami book opened flat)

And the outcome? Spring 2015 was the most beautiful spring in St. Louis I can remember in the 24 years living here.  This spring was busy, busy, busy with chaos and too much to do.  BUT it was a carnival.  The best spring I can remember.  I finished 15 gardens and only 1 almost done. These are gardens I designed and worked on and in.  Only a few were new ones this year.  The flowers in all of them sang to my heart.


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