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The Day Before Frost – Flowers

We had our first hard frost in St. Louis a few nights ago.  It is always a bittersweet time, with the last sweetness of flower blooms and the bitter bite of cold the morning after.



My garden calendar year doesn’t go by the days and months of moon and sun, but by the days of frost free or not.



My ritual of saying goodbye to this year’s growing season is a time of giving thanks and looking closely at the beauty and sweetness of those flowers that have been my companions for so many months.



mandala-blog-dahlia-cafe-aulait-creativity-for-the-soul copy

All the blossoms open my heart to the wonder and awe of creation.  But the last day of their  beauty carries the deep awareness of the ever changing nature of life.



I am so grateful that I can look at photographs of the fleeting beauty. These photos sustain me during the cold frost filled months.



I always eagerly await next years growing season, but am equally eager for the quiet and inward time of winter.




As I glace up from the photos while in the warmth of my home,  I see that outside the cycle of quiet and gathering of energy for the next frost free time of garden growth is taking place.



mandala-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-asclepias-photo-linda-wigggen-kraft copy

This quiet time lets me gather my energy and go within to that which sustains me.  The quiet and darkness allow me a time of finding center in the stillness and discovering the seeds of my dreams within.



mandala-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-carefree-wonder-rose-photo-linda-wiggen-kraft copy

I know that this cycle of  inner quiet and outer expression is what a garden and life are all about.







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