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The Beauty & Mystery of Creativity

The Beauty & Mystery of Creativity

“Through…the Sacred Shroud… we can finally turn towards ourselves”


This beautiful quote about the creative process sang to me when I saw it.  It perfectly captures the experience each of us has when we gather for our Mandala & Creativity Circles.

Mandala & Creativity Circles

We gather, settle into creative centers with a guided meditation, soft music and silence. 

Ann B. -Blue & Green Petals Mandala

As the hours become timeless, we pass through sometimes confusion, uneasiness and then the “sacred shroud” where inner creativity guides heart, head and hands.


Ann B. – Blue Mandala in Blue Sky

What emerges onto paper is unknown before we start. Inner creativity, mystery and beauty come to life.

Nancy Y. – Two Red, Yellow, Orange Mandalas with Birth Symbol in center


Ann B – Sky & Grass with Dots & Stripes


Ann B. – White Lotus on Blue & Green


Ann B – Flower Mandala with Yellow

All these mandalas and other creative expressions are spontaneous. Inner guidance leads the way. They can be looked at again and again. They speak to depths when our eyes and hearts are open.


Linda M – Family,  Nature & Angelic  Love Mandala

A Rose Breasted Grosbeak visited Linda M’s family during a time of medical concern for a sibling. Fortunately all is well and a strengthening of family love brought everyone closer. Linda’s mandala is a symbol of her family experience. Linda honored the bird that visited, in her painting below.

Linda M – Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Spirals spontaneously appear in many of my mandalas. The shape symbolizes journey. Most often spirals that appear are single or separate, not overlapping. The spirals in this first mandala interact and intersect creating interesting shapes as they cross paths.

Linda WK – Spirals on Purple, Blue, Yellow

I created another intersecting spiral mandala and colored some of the shapes that emerged. To me it represents life’s journeys that intersect, sometimes creating diamonds, arcs and other energies in their meeting.

Linda WK – Spirals Interacting with  Purple, Blue, Yellow


Enjoy & Create





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