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Garden Planting & Mandalas

Today I finished planting my garden. It’s the last on the list of the many gardens I work in. Before digging in the dirt I took some mandala photos of the garden and flowers that touch my heart and share my time.

Flower Fix – In the Cooler

Oh how I miss flowers and living colors this time of year. A few days ago with new snow on the ground I visited the wholesale flower district in St. Louis. I headed for the coolers full of flowers first.

Flower Mandalas – From My Garden

I haven’t been taking time this year to photograph flowers from my garden as the flower mandalas they are. These are flower portraits that show the amazing details of their mandalas shapes …. When I do this my heart hurts from the intensity of beauty I see. I am reminded that at every moment this beauty is there and yet I am seldom aware of it and wonder why I am not in a perpetual state of amazement.

Photo Meditations – Ode to England – Part 2

My friend Sharon from Kent England has come and gone.  I miss her and the essence of England.  These photos help remind me of the first time I feel in love with that essence. They are from my trip with my first camera, way before I knew Sharon.  I traveled alone with my camera as […]

My First Time – Photo Meditations – Ode to England

This post is to honor my first photo meditation journey, which took place decades ago, when I was in my twenties.  It is also to honor the upcoming visit of my dear friend Sharon from Kent, England, home of Sissinghurst Garden.  These photos show the first time I fell in love with England. My first […]

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