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Linda Wiggen Kraft
Creativity for the Soul

Mandala Flow

I get chills when I see or play with watercolors that allow the flow of color and water to create beautiful unexpected patterns and movement. I especially get that surge of electricity when the watercolors are used in mandala making.

Winter Solstice Mandalas – Light & Dark Nourishment

Winter Solstice, when winter begins, is a time to honor both darkness and light. Winter is womb time, a quiet time of gathering energy within. It is a time of gestation of dreams, hopes and becomings.  It is the in-breath needed for the co-creative out-breath expression of life.

Sharing Creativity – Mandalas and More

The inspirations were many: a meditation, a stone, the moon, the awakening of spring and a headache. The shared time of creativity brought mandalas and other creative expressions to light during the last mandala circle at my studio.


BE PEACE – DO PEACE. These are words I want to live by, need to live by, now. These mandalas were made a few days after the murder of 17 innocent school children.

Monarchs, Milkweed & Mandalas

There are many song nature sings that we cannot hear. Each plant, insect, animal and all of creation has its own vibrations.
Monarchs butterflies have their own song. I can’t hear the songs monarchs sing to the plant that it is married to, milkweed.

Mandala Sharing & Community

My wish and joy is that this online space be an embrace of mandala community and sharing. I have no idea how wide and far this web of Creativity For The Soul spreads. I love to share mandalas created in workshops, circles and sent to me from near and far.

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