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100 Days for Mandalas – Week Two

MONDAY MANDALA INFORMATION, INSPIRATION & MEDITATION MANDALA PROMPT This week become aware of the living colors of life.  Colors you see in flowers, in animals, in stones, in all parts of creation.  Realize you are living color and the colors you choose in your creations are living colors. And to share those colors is a […]

100 Days for Mandalas – Week One

MONDAY MANDALA INFORMATION, INSPIRATION & MEDITATION MANDALA PROMPT This week bring an intention, or purpose, into the creation of your mandala.  An intention is a thought and feeling about something that you would like to give attention.  This could be a wish, or a desire for help with a worry.  It can be something as […]

The Center of the Road Trip – Mandala Heaven

The main reason for the recent road trip to New Mexico was to experience The Mandala Center in Des Moines, New Mexico. What would it be like stay in this beautiful retreat center dedicated to personal and spiritual growth? Would it be as wonderful as the website photos and descriptions? My friend Kelly Larson and […]

Lazy Art Days – Plaster, Paints & Wax

I’ve been busy having lazy art days.  These are days when I feel wrapped up in the present, in a flow of creativity that guides me along like a river. I call these days lazy in that I sometimes work all day in my pajamas, don’t answer the phone, leave the dishes and the rest […]

Mandala Mosiacs- A Holy Beauty

Some days I need the beauty and quiet of holy places.  One of the places that calms my soul is the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica. The air is rich with the light of the magnificent mosaics.  I look for the mandala patterns.

Mandalas Inspired by Nature

I met Christine’s husband at Shaw Nature Reserve years ago.  We went to a ceremonial prairie planting with Native American drums that sang to the seeds as they drifted to the receiving earth. Christine and her family used to live inside this magical place, and now have a country home surrounded with native prairies and […]

Moon Mandalas for a New & Waxing Moon

Monday was the new moon.  A new moon is the time to plant intentions and wishes.  Like seeds in the ground, or babies in the womb, they germinate and grow during this time of darkness. My monthly mandala making get together took place on Sunday, the eve before the new moon.  I lead a guided […]

Tibetan Monks Mandala, Non Ending

Last Weekend was the ending and non ending of the Sand Mandala for Peace created by the eight Tibetan Monks from Drepung Gomang Monastery in downtown St. Louis.   The Mandala took five days to complete. The intricate and beautiful circular shape was build grain of sand upon grain of sand.  It was swept up in […]

Tibetan Monks Mandala-Days 2 & 3

The Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery continue to create the sand Mandala for Peace in downtown St. Louis at  Macrosun.  The beauty of the mandala emerges as the Monks carefully place individual grains of colored sand into the design.  A special metal tool called a chakpur has a small opening at the narrow […]

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