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In My Garden

I finished the crazy garden planting time a few weeks ago. Somehow in all the busyness surrounded by flowers, I didn’t make time to take photos. A few weeks ago, I took photos of what was blooming in my garden.

Flower Fix – In the Cooler

Oh how I miss flowers and living colors this time of year. A few days ago with new snow on the ground I visited the wholesale flower district in St. Louis. I headed for the coolers full of flowers first.

Garden Blues

Yes it is that blue time of year when I miss the blossoms and greens of plants. I once had a psychic tell me I lived in Atlantis and my job was to help in the creation of new flowers that would bring healing with their beauty.

Flowers for Alesondra

Today I am very sad, as I have been since Monday when I learned that my cousin’s daughter had suddenly lost her life. Alesondra was a beautiful young woman who touched many lives and is one of the threads in the cloth of a close-knit family that reaches far and wide. A friend of mine once […]

Flower Love – Pink & Yellow Petals

It is winter and I need to find Flower Love somewhere.  Flower Love is when your heart opens and you feel faint simply from seeing something so beautiful that you surrender into a state of awe.  During all but four months of the year, I simply step into my garden for this experience.  But in […]

The Winner Is Zinnia

As usual, I  experienced plant lust when I visited the Missouri Botanical Garden last weekend.  It was a new flower I had only seen in catalogs.  A zinnia with the most beautiful dusty rose petals, bright pink purple center and a light lime green edge on the new emerging petals.  It is called Queen Lime […]

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