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Mandalas in the Prairie

The last mandala circle get together was about an hour away at the home and prairie of Christine and Gary. The ten acres of restored and loved prairie and woods are called “Earth Mirrors”. It’s a mirror into the soul and long history of the land and those who care and cared for it.

Sacred Lotus Love – Mandalas

In years past I’ve received emails from the Missouri Botanical Gardens saying “the sacred lotus are blooming”. I haven’t seen the email yet this year. I hope it isn’t too late. Lotus is one of my favorite plants. Not only for its beauty, but for its spiritual meanings.

Flower Mandalas – From My Garden

I haven’t been taking time this year to photograph flowers from my garden as the flower mandalas they are. These are flower portraits that show the amazing details of their mandalas shapes …. When I do this my heart hurts from the intensity of beauty I see. I am reminded that at every moment this beauty is there and yet I am seldom aware of it and wonder why I am not in a perpetual state of amazement.

Georgia On My Mind

Georgia O’Keefe was born outside my hometown of Madison Wisconsin in 1887. She lived there until 1902. I recently went to Madison to visit family and friends. On the 6 plus hour long drive home to Saint Louis, I was surrounded by clouds that made me feel like I was in the twenty-four foot long Georgia O’Keefe cloud painting at the Chicago Art Institute.

Mandalas in the Fall

The leaves are turning and the weather is chilly.  Nature provides the perfect inspiration to create and see mandalas.     These fall inspirations were created by Christine Torlina at her country home.

100 Days for Mandalas – Week Four

MONDAY MANDALA INFORMATION, INSPIRATIONS & MEDITATION Celebration of the days of long light MANDALA PROMPT Be inspired by the light of the long days and the sun that shines its white light down and illuminates our world.  This white light holds all the colors of the rainbow.  These colors are seen in our world and […]

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