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Surprise Mandalas

Recently I attended the Turner Center for the Arts fund raiser and auction.  The Turner Center for the Arts is a very special place that gives people with disabilities a chance to express and find themselves through art.  Not only that, the Turner Center helps them realize their worth in a world that often does not.

The art work was extensive and diverse.  My surprise was to see some of my mandala designs from my coloring book interpreted in a beautiful way.

Art teacher Annie  Smith Pifel helped the artist to trace the design on acetate and then create a watercolor underneath, or use markers on the acetate.  I loved what these artists created.  I bought the two above.   Here are the others.





Here are what the mandalas look like my my coloring book.


Not only was I delighted with the mandala art, there was so much more to see and love.  Here are some of the animals.



Visit the Turner Center for the Arts website to see more art work.  It is for sale and the artists get 50%, which delights and helps them.  Visit them in Maplewood.  As a non-profit donations go to a great cause.


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