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Summer-Time of Mandalas & Flowers-Shared & Grown

Nature’s Mandala Season

Flowers have the power to open hearts when they are looked at closely.  Most flower shapes are mandalas created by nature. The circular forms, whether the petals form an enclosed circle or a circle surrounding more open petals, all speak to the complete infinite shape. Summer is the time of year when we are surrounded by the mandalas of a garden.


Bees enjoying a sunflower in my garden this summer

Flowers and nature were the inspiration for some of these shared mandalas, most from a recent Mandala Circle.

Shared Mandalas

Christine Torlina create these flower mandalas for her family as a special treat for three children.




Linda Massie created two beautiful mandalas with words of her heart and images of nature and love.



I am inspired by lotus blossoms, one of my favorite flowers, not just for their beauty but the symbolism of beauty rising out of the mud. I photographed  many at the Missouri Botanical Garden and drew them years ago. I created a blog about it then, Here’s the link.

I swoon at lotus beauty and never tire of their inspiration. This fine detail mandala with the surrender of loose watercolor is a reminder to be in the wider flow and also aware of details of the present moment.


Jungle Time

Gardens are now in what I call the Jungle Phase. It happens every August. The garden is wild and wonderful. I have to cut back not only the weeds but also flowers that are now crowding each other. The house is filled with vases of flowers. These mandalas are from my garden, grown by nature.




Mandala Workshop – Revisions & Flow Art

I’m making revisions to my fall Mandalas, Meditation & Journaling workshop. Here’s the link.

The basics that have always been shared will be there, but new art activities and art materials are in store. What I call Flow Art, wet on wet water coloring, will be part of the workshop.  I’ve been playing with wet on wet watercolors. Here are the latest. Again inspired by flowers.



Let your creativity be wild and wonderful, like the gardens of August.

Enjoy and Create




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