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Spring, Sun, Seeds, Rebirth, Flowers

Spring, Sun, Seeds, Rebirth, Flowers

Spring Rebirth by Linda M.

A celebration of spring emerged from our creative imaginations and the play of paper, watercolors, ink and other art materials during our last Mandala & Creativity Circle.


Ann B’s emerging sun with colors of spring’s greening, blue sky and blue waters

The marks we made in our art represent sun, seeds, rebirth and flowers.

Linda M’s Essence of Sun Mandala

The essence of all parts of spring came into our creative circle, inviting us to honor these parts and bring them to life through our art.


Ann B’s Mandalas give life to spring’s seeds

A guided meditation eased us into a quiet time of flow. There was no looking outside ourselves to recreate an image seen in front of us.


My mandala emerged reminding me of the seed pods of a lotus.

I added prayers and wishes on an overlay sheet of vellum

We played with the new fairy watercolors that go onto the paper as one color and then separate into multiple colors.  (More about these watercolors in the previous blog. Link here.)

Karen M’s abstract flower emerged from watercolors and ink.

There was only a holy union of inner imagination and outer expression.

Karen M’s play of colors turned into something looking like a sea creature

Karen M’s cut-out blue bouquet on yellow background


Karen M’s Heart Centered Mandala

Each person, as in all creative circle times, was immersed in their own creative expressions, not knowing what others were bringing forth.


Linda M’s Heart Flowers

At the end of several hours in flow, we shared our creative expressions.

Linda M’s soothing green and blue  stems with small orange flower

And here was spring, brought forth in our individual pieces of art.  Sun, seeds, rebirth, flowers.

My hint of flowering blossoms

Each of us created with no knowledge of what others were creating. Together the power of earth and sky filled us. Spring had entered our hearts and creative centers and let us bring the whole of this holy time into being, celebrating her beauty and power.

Enjoy & Create

Enjoy the divine spring greening of earth as the sun shines, seeds sprout, green emerges and flowers bloom.



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