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Solstice Mandalas & Woodhenge

The Winter Solstice takes place at 4:44 am my time, December 21st.. The longest darkness, the shortest light. A birthing of light that grows.

A time of quiet and going within.  Listening, deep listening. A time of planting prayers, intentions, wishes, and dreams that can grow in the womb of darkness to be brought to light at their time of birthing.

Here are some Solstice Mandalas created for this year’s days of welcomed darkness with returning light. A light that can guide us as we journey through time.






















Solstice is also a time of connecting to and remembering the wisdom of elders who watched the sky and earth to know the wisdom of Father Sky and Mother Earth.  In years past I have traveled to the ancient site of Cahokia for solstices.  Only 30 minutes from home, it is the site of what was the largest city (20,000) of indigenous peoples in North America, larger than London around 1200 AD.  A wooden structure called Woodhenge was built to mark the solstices and equinox.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to Cahokia this year, but its wisdom calls to me from across the Mississippi river. I’m honoring Solstice a day early since I’ll be traveling. But I will listen to the deep wisdom of darkness and light on the 21st.


This painting shows Woodhenge being built. In the background is Monks Mound. The sun lines up with the poles on Monks Mound and the poles of Woodhenge at exact points on the solstices and equinoxes.



People come to see the sunrise at Woodhenge  and honor the wisdom of the ancients at this site.

Listen deeply at this time of darkness and celebrate the birthing light.


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