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Sharing Sweetgrass and Stones – Friendship & Books

Sharing Sweetgrass & Stones – Friendship & Bookspainted-stones-group-blog-creativity-for-the-soul

Some of the deepest sharing of souls I’ve experienced takes place when a very special book group gets together. We call it the Crystal Book Group, named for a location but also for the clarity and power of our sharing.

Our sharing often includes an art activity that deepens what we have read. To enhance the bond between us, and two books we love, we recently created sweetgrass braids and painted stones. Both activities honoring two of our favorite authors and their books – Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer and The Hour of Land by Terry Tempest Williams.


Last week we gathered in my garden pergola and art space to create braids of sweetgrass that grows in my garden and to paint stones that reminded us of the sacredness of mother earth and her gifts of stones. We all are collectors of stones, often those the greatest treasures of a place visited.




Here are the treasures we created and some quotes from these beloved books.


painted-stone-5-feature-blog-creativity-for-the-soulKelly’s Cairn

“To this day, my spiritual life is found inside the heart of the wild. I do not fear it, I court it. When I am away, I anticipate my return, needing to touch stone, rock, water, the trunks of trees, the sway of grasses, the barbs of a feather, the fur left behind be a shedding bison.” Terry Tempest Williams


painted-stones-1-blog-creativity-for-the-soulHilary’s Stones

“The Hour of Land is where we remember what we have forgotten: We are not the only species who lives and dreams on the planet.” Terry Tempest Williams




painted-stone-4-blog-creativity-for-the-soulBonnie’s Stones

“Humility is born in wildness. We are not protecting grizzlies from extinction: they are protecting us from the extinction of experience as we engage in a world beyond ourselves.” Terry Tempest Williams



painted-stones-2-blog-creativity-for-the-soulLydia’s Stones


“ I wanted to be absorbed into someplace larger and more expansive than the human brain. I am seeking a different kind of circuitry, the nervous system of rivers and deserts and mountains born of fire.” Terry Tempest Williams




painted-stone-3-blog-creativity-for-the-soulMy Stones (Linda)

“We have always known that the plants and animals have their own councils, a common language. The trees, especially, we recognize as our teachers.”   Robin Wall Kimmerer





“Hold out your hands and let me lay upon them a sheaf of freshly picked sweetgrass…hold the bundle up to your nose. Find the fragrance of honeyed vanilla over the scent of river water and black earth and you understand its scientific name: Hierochloe oderata, meaning the fragrant, holy grass. In our language it is called wiingaashk, the sweet-smelling hair of Mother Earth. Breath it in and you start to remember things you didn’t know you’d forgotten.” Robin Wall Kimmerer





As we braided the sweetgrass we also tasted a few drops of the flower essence of sweetgrass, along with some wine.  Its healing powers are strong and clear.




May the essence of sweetgrass and the grounding of stones bring benevolent blessings from Mother Earth to you.



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