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Sharing Mandalas – One’s a Tattoo

Sharing Mandalas – One’s a Tattoo

I’m so happy I can again share the creativity of others with their mandalas and art. Also I get to share a first. A mandala that was the inspiration for a tattoo.

Last fall I got an email from Chanda showing me the tattoo she got that was the same image as a mandala she saw in a 2015 blog. She so loved the design, she decided she wanted a tattoo of it. So in the fall of 2019 she got one. Here is a link to that blog.


I was so touched by Chanda’s sharing and I am so touched by the sharing of creativity of other mandala and art makers. The mandalas below came into being in our monthly mandala circles. These gatherings are a circle of safe sacred space where such beauty and inspiration comes alive.

(Martha Schermann – Green & Growing  Mandala)

The colors blue and green always call to Ann.  There is stitching around the circle and a braided being became part of her recent mandala.

(Ann Brune – Blue, Green and Stitching Mandala)

It has been months and months (actually since last July) when I last shared  mandalas and other creations from our mandala circles.

(Ann Brune – Corner Dots Blue Mandala)


(Ann Brune Mandala – Blue/Handmade  Cotton Paper Mandala)


(Ann Brune – Deep Green Mandala)

Our circle begins with a spontaneous guided meditation. We create in silence with soft music in the background.  We almost never peek around the see what shapes, colors and marks others are making.

(Christine Torlina – Earth, Sky, Hearts Mandala)


My studio is filled with art supplies. I can’t resist having so many. I love when others discover joy in using different materials. The four mandalas below were painted with iridescent watercolors. They give off a heavenly glow and are lots of fun to use.

(Christine Torlina – Heart Mandala 1)


(Christine Torlina – Heart  Mandala 2)


Often something calls to us, like the rainbow and butterfly that Karen saw before coming to the mandala circle.

(Karen Martinez – Butterfly & Rainbow – Inspired by what she saw)

At the end of our circle, we share our thoughts, feelings and creations.  It is always a surprise how often these expressions are similar.

(Linda Massie – New Moon Mandala)


(Linda Massie – Night & Day Mandala)

Before Karen arrived, she had a close encounter with  a damsel fly that she spent some time with. It inspired her art.

(Karen Martinez – Damsel Fly)

And an owl that entered her life.

(Karen Martinez – Owl)

During our circle we looked up the message of owls from Ted Andrew’s Animal Speak book. It said: “The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge.”  May this time of year bring you a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge.







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