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Shared Mandalas – Remember to Love Yourself Fearlessly

Sharing Mandalas and creativity is always part of this blog.  The Month for Mandalas that started on Sept. 22nd has officially ended, but still lives on with mandalas shared.


Tina Sparks created an origami book with the Month for Mandalas inspiration – REMEMBER. Below is the cover page when the paper is folded into a book form.



I’m sharing this beautiful and inspiring book that Tina started at one of my monthly mandala get togethers.  Everyone who comes to the mandala get togethers always loves how Tina can make the watercolors dance and sing.  We saw the background without any other marks a few months ago. Tina then added her words and images that are an inspiration for us all to remember.










Below is what this book looks like when the one page is opened up.  It is then folded and torn to create a book.




And this is what it looked like before it was folded and the images and words were added.



Many thanks to Tina for sharing her creativity and inspiration.

MANDALAS FROM HOLLAND – I have been contacted by Robbie from Holland who creates mandalas.  I will be sharing some in the next blog post devoted to mandalas.

Please send me mandalas to share at Linda (at)  Please use the @ sign and no spaces.


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