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Seeds for Sowing – What I Planted

I love the plants that grow from seed in my garden. I raised them from infancy to maturity.  I know them better than those I buy already growing.   They are part of my yearly garden dreams that begin in January when I sit with a cup of tea and begin the new year’s garden journey.  This year was no different than others, in that I want all the seeds I see in the catalogs. But I did manage to keep some perspective, although by some standards my seed buying may seem excessive. But is is a passion, and with that I can’t wait for all the seeds to germinate and grow.

Purple, my favorite vegetable color


Excel Spreadsheet with 2013 garden seeds for my garden

 Yes, this is my list of seeds for 2013.  I have to put them all on an excel spreadsheet.  But it does give me some order to the chaos of wanting it all.


Radishes to eat crunchy fresh or stir fried and mellowed

The photos shown in this blog are some of the actual seed packages I used, or photos of plants I have grown in my garden before and can’t live without.  At the end of this blog, and in the first paragraph above, is a link to my article titled “The Sweetness of Garden Dreams” that was published in the February issue of The Healthy Planet. It is about how I select seeds. I apologize to the readers of that article who were promised more info on my blog, that it took so long to make it here.


My veggie garden in past years – nasturtium, swiss chard, fennel, beets

My favorite zinnia ever – Queen Lime Red – only available as seed

Small melons and tomatoes named for Alan Chadwick, a legend in organic gardening

Sunflowers from bird seed scattered during the winter (for the birds)  on my garden in front of my house

Black-Eyed Susan, my favorite rudbeckia triloba – mostly an annual that sometimes reseeds

These Love-In-A-Puff seeds are why I grow this plant. Each seed has a perfect heart imprinted on the black sphere.

These miniature bushy morning glory like plants really don’t like the heat, but I love them anyway.

A carnival of carrots – of course

I hope your garden will be filled with the magic of seeds.  The amazement of watching a tiny seed grow into a plant is beyond words.

If you would like a PDF of my plant list, please let me know.

Link to The Sweetness of Garden Dreams article, published in February 2013 in The Healthy Planet magazine.


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