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Sacred Circle of Creativity Boxes -Darkness, Light & Balance

A Sacred Circle of Creativity – Boxes of Darkness, Light & Balance


In my recent workshop, A Sacred Circle of Creativity, we explored the cycle of creativity from mystery (darkness) to manifestation (light) and the resulting space of balance (grey).













We each created black, white and grey origami boxes as expressions of our creativity. These are the 3 inch square boxes I created.


This white box holds expressions of light and manifestation




Inside is a small book, the seed of “Love-In-A-Puff, an acorn top and pine cone. Rainbow mandalas express the colors held within white light.





The grey box holds symbols of balance and wholeness. Yin/Yang shows the flow of light and dark with the seed of each within the other.  A photo of the total eclipse of the sun, a balance of moon and sun. A small book, an acorn and other seeds showing the point between mystery and manifestation.








The black box represents mystery.  What is inside is a mystery to me.  It is not to be opened.



More artwork from this workshop will be shared soon. It was such a deep experience for all of us, exploring the power and beauty of darkness, light and balance.

I will be teaching my A Sacred Circle of Creativity” 3 day workshop next fall at my St. Louis Studio.

Also I was recently asked to come back to KANUGA to teach at the 2018  FACE Conference (Faith, Art & Creative Expression).  I will be teaching a 5 day workshop next August 19 – 25 in the mountains of North Carolina close to Asheville.  I am so excited. I am working out the details, but so far it looks like the title will be  – “Learning to See – Creator in Creation. Recording and Remembering.  Seeing with our eyes and heart through simple drawings, sketches, watercolors, poems and inspiring words.”  Dear friend Kelly Larson will be with me to share her teaching gifts.


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