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Queen of My Garden

In the winter I look at my flower photographs, not only to remember the beauty that isn’t here now, but to bathe in the light of the computer and find hope that this winter will end and there will be a new growing season.



As I look at the photos, I get to revisit the joy of seeing some of my favorite flowers.  Perhaps my most favorite flower is a humble zinnia,  queen of my garden – Queen Red Lime to be exact.


These photos are of  Queen Red Lime Zinnia.  It has the most amazing colors with a purple center and coloring on the petals. But at the same time a soft lime green color is brightly curled up and pales as the petals open.



The colors are soft, but grab at your heart.  There is a vintage feel, like a faded hand colored antique photo.



Sometimes the colors are darker, like in the cool fall days.



And as the growing season wound down, the bright pinks stood out.



Even the out of focus photos feel like a swirling dance of color.




queen-lime-red-zinnia-BURPEE-2 2

It’s hard to find Zinnia Queen Red Lime already growing at the plant nurseries.  I have heard some local cut flower growers will be growing it this coming summer.  I can’t wait to see it at the farmer’s markets or stores that sell locally grown. To make sure you will have this queen in your garden, buy the seeds and plant yourself.

One of my first blogs was “The Winner is Zinnia“.   I still think zinnias are the winners of a garden.  I can’t wait to grow some in my garden this year, especially the Queen of my garden. I hope you will too.

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