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Linda Wiggen Kraft
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Welcome to my blog. My work and life are my play and passion. It is a crazy quilt of creativity for the soul that is meant to inspire, transform and heal through gardens, art and work with the sacred. I work and play in gardens, garden design, garden writing, mandala art, art journaling, photography, classes and workshops, pottery, meditation, meditation teaching, sustainability and sacred space. I share my life with my husband, sons, daughters-in-laws, grandchildren, friends, clients and students.

Yellow Willow Spring

My dog and I go for walks in a nearby park. There are tens of thousands of trees in Forest Park, but there is only one that is my favorite.  It calls to me from across the water as we cross the bridge to get nearer.  I imagine the essence of a golden goddess with […]

Lazy Art Days – Plaster, Paints & Wax

I’ve been busy having lazy art days.  These are days when I feel wrapped up in the present, in a flow of creativity that guides me along like a river. I call these days lazy in that I sometimes work all day in my pajamas, don’t answer the phone, leave the dishes and the rest […]

Art Kits – For Travel and Unexpected Journeys

My security blanket for travel is the bag of art supplies I take along to not only work with, but to give me comfort.  Inside are papers, markers, colored pencils, writing pens, watercolors and a small chinese brush. If for some reason when I travel, if I can’t take art supplies with me so I […]

Mandala Mosiacs- A Holy Beauty

Some days I need the beauty and quiet of holy places.  One of the places that calms my soul is the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica. The air is rich with the light of the magnificent mosaics.  I look for the mandala patterns.

Slow Art Day – A Valentine for Art

Slow Art Day officially takes place this year on April 28th.  But perhaps it should be held on Valentine’s Day each year, because Slow Art is really about loving art in a way we often share with loved ones. Spending slow time gazing into a loved one’s face,  seeing all the detail and finding surprises […]

Mandalas Inspired by Nature

I met Christine’s husband at Shaw Nature Reserve years ago.  We went to a ceremonial prairie planting with Native American drums that sang to the seeds as they drifted to the receiving earth. Christine and her family used to live inside this magical place, and now have a country home surrounded with native prairies and […]

Flower Love – Pink & Yellow Petals

It is winter and I need to find Flower Love somewhere.  Flower Love is when your heart opens and you feel faint simply from seeing something so beautiful that you surrender into a state of awe.  During all but four months of the year, I simply step into my garden for this experience.  But in […]

Moon Mandalas for a New & Waxing Moon

Monday was the new moon.  A new moon is the time to plant intentions and wishes.  Like seeds in the ground, or babies in the womb, they germinate and grow during this time of darkness. My monthly mandala making get together took place on Sunday, the eve before the new moon.  I lead a guided […]

Winter Reminds Me of White – Sissinghurst Garden Inspiration

The white garden at Sissinghurst Castle is in the most visited garden in England.Created by writer, gardener and lover of Virginia Wolff, Vita Sackville-West and her husband designed garden “rooms” in the ruins of their home at Sissinghurst Castle. The white garden is perhaps the most famous garden room with its all white blooms and […]

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